Černá Hora - Ada Bojana

Naturist vacation · Austria · Ramsau am Dachstein · Hotel Lührmann

Austria is perhaps not the best known as a naturist (FKK) destination, but it soon will thanks to this lovely place. We would like to offer you a well-equipped and comfort style hotel Lührmann. The hotel and its surrounding areas are perfect for relaxing. At the same time you will enjoy the scenery of the Alps, as the view on its peaks is visible even from the swimming pool. In the hotel sauna you can admire the hotel park outside, either lush green in summer or snowy white in the winter season.

Černá Hora - Ada Bojana

Naturists vacations · Montenegro · Ada Bojana

Montenegro lies on the Adriatic coast between Croatia and Albania. It boasts not only beautiful beaches but also rugged mountains and many outstanding historical sights. It offers the choice betwen a realxing vacation at the seaside or an attractive one inland.

Naturist (FKK) vacations · Slovenia · Terme Banovci

Slovenia is not necessarilly just a transit country on the way down south along the Adriatic coast. Break the trip in the naturist thermal springs. You will enjoy it!

Croatia is a popular destination for the naturist. The long coastline and a great number of attractive islands should suit anybody's preferences. Naturism (or nudism) has been practised here since the first half of the 20th century, reportedly introduced by King Edward on the island of Rab. It remains an ideal place for a textile free vacation with the Mediterranean flavour.

France belongs among the most popular destinations, and rightly so. It is varied - from the sandy coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the beaches of the Mediterranean, from the Alps to the Pyrenees - offering both natural beauty and historical sights. It will please the gourmet as well as the naturist!

The cradle of European civilisation, one of the most popular summer tourist destinations. You will find here several naturist resorts both on the islands and on the mainland. Apart from the naturist resorts there are many nude / FKK beaches, though one should move with common sense not to affront the conservative locals. Apart from being nude on the beach you may want to visit at least some of the innumerable ancient monuments, taste some of the full bodied wines and let yourselves be pampered in one of the many romantic 'tavernas'.


Hungary, a country in the heart of European neighbours seven European countries. Many may think that Hungary is just thermal baths, wine and spicy goulash but this beautiful country has much more to offer. Join us to explore this beautiful country which used to be a part of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire.

There is no need to introduce Italy, though it is not widely recognised as a naturist destination. But combining the nude, textile free vacation with visiting the countless historical masterpieces as well as the breath-taking nature will satisfy even the discerning traveller. When you add the Italian espresso which never tastes the same outside Italy, the delicious cuisine accompanied by the great tasting wines you will live through your vacations of dreams!


United Mexican States  (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) offer historical sights & monuments from the Aztec, Toltec & Maya periods. The historic buildings dating to the Spanish colonisation are worthwhile, too.

Myanmar, (Burma in the old days) is one of the last remaining destination quasi untouched by tourism. This applies even more to the Mergui archipelago. You will not find any naturist resorts around - there is just one hotel within the entire archipelago - but when choosing a sail yacht you will have the beaches all to yourselves (and perhaps you will share it with a few monkeys) and you will not need any textile accessories. Lazing in the sun on the sandy beaches just in the buff is really a great way to spend your vacation.


Slovenia need not to be just a transit country on the way down south, to the Adriatic. True, the coast line is short and not particularly inviting but there is a lot to offer inland. The Alps, white-water rivers, bike trails, hiking opportunities or thermal spas. The latter present a great opportunity to relax in spring or autumn; it can also be a welcome break on the way to/fro Croatia.

South Africa holds quite a few pros as an ideal vacation destination. For the Eurpeen traveller there is no jet lag problem. For most, no visa is requiered, just a valid passport. Situated on the southern hemisphere Europeans & North Americans fly from winter into the summer. We offer you a comfortable, attractive naturist resort, a great hideout from the winter storms, gray skies and sleet. Combined with exploring the famous national park full of wild game, world class wines and much, much more makes it a worthwhile destination.

Spain is a favourite naturist destination from early spring to late autumn. The Canary Islands are an all year round destination with its 'eternal spring' type of weather. The history, monuments, natural sights will appeal not only to the naturist. The choice of naturist hotels & resorts should satisfy different tastes and pocket. Moreover, the FKK / nude beaches are plentiful.

Truly exotic destination, the ancient Kingdom of Siam, world renowned cuisine, year round destination. Naturist resorts appeared only recently but the more welcomed they are by the nudist community. The big advantage is the possibility to practise nudism & naturism in the European & North American winter months, to escape to the sun. The other is the combination of naturist relay with exploring the exotic South East Asia. For this non - naturist part we will be happy to cater for your plans, whatever they might be. Please see more at www.eco-trails.asia